ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. So ERP School Management Software is a program-based software that specially designed to manage all administrative work of the school.  It can handle all tedious jobs, which were previously performed manually with the use of pen and hard copy.

ERP school management software reduces the hassles of school administrative work and enhances productivity and efficiency. It acts like a central dash-board, where all teachers, principles, management teams, and parents can access important notice or information any time anywhere.

Enterprise Resource Planning software for school has made up with different modern technologies that cover all required criteria applicable for school management.

Why an Educational Organization should Use ERP School Management Software?

 An educational organization or school has different departments and comprehensive subjects. So school administrative work is difficult to handle manually. So they need the help of technologically advanced ERP school management software to perform better.

There are some top advantages of using ERP School Management Software.

  • All teachers get e-learning platform to educate their students
  • Build students, teachers, and parent connectivity loop through mobile application and email-id
  • Make the whole system paperless, and get e-report on a single click
  • Make hassle-free administrative work within time.
  • The School library management system of ERP software maintains all library records
  • Drive better efficiency in the online admission procedure
  • Make the payment and fees collection more convenient than earlier

Why classroom management software is important for your school?

Managing regular administrative work can never be a very easy task manually and that also becomes tedious and error-prone. But classroom management software gives support to teachers and empower them to educate their students more vividly.  Classroom management software enables teachers to share educational information with their students. Using this kind of software teachers can monitor their students’ real-time basis. That eliminates distraction, and increase engagement and student productivity. Best classroom management software also ensures that students are getting in-depth knowledge of any subjects with the well designed classroom environment. Every ERP School management software has been designed with classroom management qualities.

We are experts and passionate in what we do. We come with a balance of creativity, technology and most importantly common sense. Each institution that we worked with can vouch us for the fact that we stood by them to solve anything and everything thrown to us. If you have a problem, that becomes our problem. We work with all stakeholders to put in the most effective and efficient system for your institution. Our data analytics and AI driven tools provide you with valuable insights like no other system can. Ask us for references.

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How Can Schools Benefit From E-Learning Modules In School Software?

Here are the best practices by which schools can benefit from e-learning modules with school software successfully.

  • Conduct online lectures, integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Create an e-library, upload teach notes and e-books
  • Send announcements
  • Conduct Online Assessment: MCQ and Descriptive.
  • Ensure Communication through email and communication forum
  • Assign Tasks online and Evaluate the same
  • Keep parents and teachers in loop