Laboratory management software is an evolutionary discovery in the health care industry. Laboratory software is also known as Laboratory Information Management Software.  It is a digital solution for the best practices of your laboratory. Running and maintaining the first-spaced laboratory is not an easy task, thus we need technical help to perform each step effortlessly. Pathology software is a crucial need to manage a diagnostic lab.  The previous process of collecting data, papers file, manual patient data entry, getting reports in hand is being deleted with the evolution of pathology software. Everything becomes computerized and digital.

What is laboratory management Software?

Laboratory management software is software base software upgraded with unique features that support a modern laboratory process. Key features of best laboratory management software are workflow management, data tracking support, user-friendly data exchange interface, and flexible architecture. And these key features are ready to support your clinical laboratory procedure. The features and uses of laboratory management software include sample tracking to enterprise resource planning, which can handle various avenues of laboratory procedure.

Generally, doctors and other medical professionals prefer laboratory reporting software because of its smart and efficient application. It helps to provide them better quality care that satisfies patients at an optimum level. This software deals with every operation of the laboratory ranging from collecting orders and samples to keep record sample data. Everything can be managed with a pathology software solution that automates the entire workflow, with no risk of human error.

The unique feature of laboratory information management

ATM Softek providing better laboratory management software along with the most upgraded features.

  • Manage order and basic details
  • Handle workflow and MIS reports
  • Monitor progress of orders and track all laboratory practices
  • Create billing invoice and sample testing records
  • Create patient orders
  • Personnel and workload management
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory and equipment management
  • Instrument calibration and management
  • Audit management and barcode handling
  • Personnel and workload management
  • Electronic data exchange
  • Time management
  • Instrument and application integration
  • Sample processing and management
  • Inventory and equipment management

Appointment Scheduling

This makes you easy to plan and schedule of patient appointment and booking and save their time. Laboratory management software is the quickest module that is enriched with upgraded functionality, and features to perform a lab digitally safe and secured.

Auto-generated message reminder

IT and software industry supporting the management system using cutting edge technology, which enables to generate auto-reminder to patients for the next appointment and give pre-test booking alert. Thus laboratory management software reduces the headache at the level of a pathologist with the maximum output.

Quality Improvement

Laboratory management software takes care of overall lab protocol and makes sure the quality of processes must be organized. Thus, a large number of lab executives are installing software to deploy in their diagnostic center, not just because of quality, to reduce the work burden and helps to deliver accurate and quick test reports.

Work efficiency Growth

At the primitive time, the manual process makes your work highly difficult, and push error makes problems. But a Laboratory information management software or LIMS generates reports with a high level of accuracy. It takes away manual interruption and makes lab practice paperless

Invoice and Billing

Laboratory management software can delete a lot of hurdles with the automated billing process. Now laboratory professionals don’t need to calculate billing as the software application creates electronic billing. It is quite trustworthy and accurate as per the patient’s diagnostic test charges.

Needless to say, running a pathology lab and managing all test reports are not an easy task. It demands a lot of responsibilities and formalities like collecting patient samples, the diagnostic process, and delivering test reports on time. Although, individuals and staff working together to run the lab operations. Laboratory Software handles overall diagnostic lab operations from test booking to reports delivery with a high level of. It is common why healthcare organizations are adopting digital software just to avoid error some problems to get more trustable and accurate test reports.

Why a cloud-based laboratory reporting software isgreat option for your multi-specialty clinic?

 Web-based cloud computing laboratory software is the most convenient option for their multi-specialty clinic. There are lots of benefits of using web-based pathology management software. Implementation, integration, and up-gradation of the pathology software make a laboratory work schedule more convenient and workflow becomes very smooth.  IT workers have limited time to work on developed innovations, thus the project can be a time-consuming process. There have plenty of advantages to your healthcare if you are moving to cloud computing pathology software.

Accessibility and collaboration

A cloud computing laboratory management software offers quick hassle-free and easy to access data anytime and anywhere, from different locations, multiple branches, and multiple computers with a secured log-in ID. This option is best to collaborate with other laboratories in multiple organizations globally.


If you purchase online pathology management software, there will be no license cost; you just have to pay minimal installation fees. You can only pay your subscription fees and pay for the functionalities you need.


Online laboratory management software best fitted for the healthcare organization with consistent user requirements. With the SAAS model, it is easy to balance your working frequency.

Quick implementation

You don’t need to invest your precious time in Pathology software implementation, most of the work has already done if you are using SAAS model Pathology lab management software, as it can be integrated into any Pathology lab management software in India online

Using system-based software applications maintain all patient records with detailed information and test reports at one place. Diagnostic Lab Software streamlines the entire workflow to make operations smoother and quicker. This is the most demanding software in the marketplace because lab practice management requires more effort thus this module helps to expand lab productivity and revenue. Diagnostic Lab Software generally provides a health care platform for online appointment bookings, pathology lab test booking. You can own an affordable and digital software solution that takes your business to a higher level.

The reason behind installing laboratory software in your laboratory

You must select pathology software for your laboratory. Because this tool provides easy to access data modules, mainly applicable for in-depth data analysis.  Now at the time of internet and web services, it can also submit all reports and records of a patient, thus practitioners analyze the reports properly.

Pathology lab software is designed in such a way that it can be incorporated into each clinical laboratory to streamline the complete system. We have 2000+ happy clients of pathology management software in the City and throughout the country. And they happy with our product and services.

Now Pathology management software is flexible enough in any pathology lab of the hospital and diagnostic centers to maintain large numbers of reports, records, and financial billing. Your data security is our responsibility. So we integrate all security codes to assure a high level of security.

ATM Softek Pathology lab management software is well known in Kolkata and around Kolkata due to our product quality and services.  We maintain all business ethics and management protocols to make our clients happy.  As their satisfaction is our success.  We maintain integrity and loyalty in each aspect of our business.  Our team is always ready to empower you so that you can achieve your business goals

Why online pathology management software is the best option for your multi-specialty clinic?

Implementation, integration, and up-gradation of the laboratory software make a laboratory work schedule more convenient and workflow becomes very smooth.  IT workers have limited time to work on developed innovations, thus the project can be a time-consuming process. There have plenty of advantages to your healthcare if you are moving to cloud computing pathology software.

How to purchase laboratory management software to upgrade your laboratory?

You can contact ATM Softek via a given email id or phone number with your mailing address so that our customer care servicing team can connect to you. After that, we will send you the price list of our laboratory management system software packages.  Then pay the bill as directed by us. After a successful payment, we will send you a link from where you can download the product. After downloading our software call our developers supporting the team.  We will guide you on how to install the Laboratory Management System Software. We are providing user-friendly Pathology lab management software throughout the country.

How to install our pathology software?

After purchasing the software from atm softek you will get a downloadable link of our pathology software program at the side of the prerequisite software program. if you provide us your postal cope with we can ship the complete installation disk of the vital software. you may get a documented booklet manual of “ the way to deploy the pathology software program in pdf format along with a print replica.

You may deploy our pathology software by way of following the instruction of the book as defined inside the record. or you may call Us for Quick support.

Or if you may provide the right of entry to your system (net connection required), we will assist you to install our software.

Can the Lab management software be installed into more than one piece of equipment or does it integrated into a client-server network?

Yes, our pathology software is client-server network software so it is eligible to in the Local area network (LAN). One machine will be a server and the other machine will be work station machine or client.  Each computer and desktop of your pathology lab can work simultaneously in the pathology software.  Our software here works like a dashboard and centralized each system of reception and laboratory. Because all systems will be connected with LAN.

In our pathology lab software, you can incorporate a new test group, your own test formats, and a new test field.  This the unique feature of pathology software provided by us in West Bengal. You can also rearrange the fields in any test report. You can create your own format. You can also export your report to PDF, RTF, and MS Word documents.  You can edit files in MS Word. document. We design our software with a wide range of flexibly and facilities.  That’s why our software is the best pathology reporting software in Kolkata as well as in West Bengal.

Valuable facts about ATM Softek, leading laboratory information management software service provider in India

There are several numbers of laboratory software providers in the market, and clients are completely confused to take the right one for their first spaced multi-tasking laboratory. But don’t need to worry about that. As ATM Softek brings the most updated version of laboratory management software to support your laboratory. It is best applicable for NABL laboratory of healthcare, diagnostic center, polyclinic, and hospital. Here we are providing a customized module to perform a test and make a concise report.

  • We provide high-quality end to end solution for your healthcare and diagnostic center. We integrate the updated program, that is best fitted for your pathology lab.
  • We provide a complete solution for management software for different industry ranging. From School to retail to health care.
  • Optimized your software with the help of experienced software engineers, and skillful developers, creative web designers..
  • We have 1000+ successful happy customers in and outside of West Bengal. Follow and maintain honesty, integrity, and business ethics in every aspect.
  • Our Software development team is highly organized and professional to provide premium quality services.
  • Treating customers with great respect and faith
  • Independent software solution to empower the business of clients.

Clients’ concern is our concern, their business goal is our service goal. We never mislead our customers and provide 24*7 supports. We used to help our clients to increase their business reputation. For that reason, our happy clients reviewed us as a reputed laboratory management software provider in India.